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Homecoming - The last stronghold of the Takahe bird NZ

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Murchison Mountains, Lake Te Anau - Fiordland

Homecoming - Takahe - Art
Homecoming - The last stronghold of the Takahe - Art

Takahe birds were considered extinct in NZ until 1948, when they were rediscovered in the remote alpine tussock basins of the Murchison Mountains west of Te Anau. Protected on three sides by lake Te Anau and the fourth by remote wilderness, the Murchison Mountains are a last stronghold and home to increasingly scarce native birds, most famous of which is the Takahe.

NZ is home to many remarkable and special native birds. Many are flightless, long lived with a slow breeding rate. We consistently rate our natural environment to be very important to us. Restoring wild habitats and re-wilding our own back yards can all help tip the scales in favour of increasing our endemic bird species so we can once again enjoy a deafening dawn chorus.

Can we stop the tide of time and help to bring these birds back from extinction? Or will Mother Nature do it for us?

Collection of photos creating Homecoming art
Collection of photos creating Homecoming art

A collection of photos merge together to form the final image. The image aims to express the scope of the geographical and natural beauty of the area - Te Anau and Fiordland - it's mountains, lakes and surrounding valleys. A takahe parent feeds it's chick, while the other parent forages for more food in the abundant tussock-lands.

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