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Serene and majestic Misty Mountains

Mt Aspiring serene and majestic as a tern bird flies by

Mount Aspiring and Tern bird
Mount Aspiring and Tern

My Misty Mountains Series focuses on the majestic mountains located around the Southern Alps of New Zealand. I often pair them with a white bird creating a mystical yet serene environment. Here the focus is on color harmony, while also trying to convey a sense of the majestic 'awe-inspiring-ness' that is the environment of the Southern Alps. The white (mostly) bird is a symbol of peaceful harmony, while traveling through the environment.

Often we are at odds with nature because of our own stressors, beliefs or thoughts. We can forget the outstanding beauty of our natural environs even as we travel through them, because we are caught up in thoughts in our heads. With the misty mountain series, I seek to remind viewers of Mother Nature's inherent beauty and harmony, asking them to to slow down, maybe even stop, and just 'be' with where they are at now.

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