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Still Life Series - Call of the Wild NZ

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

How do we treasure our wildlife, as beautiful objects or companions of our world?

Life on the Edge - photo composite Art
Call of the Wild - Art

Call of the Wild is a focus is on defining how we relate to our wildlife and the life of our treasured species in NZ. NZ has a unique variety of birds that are currently on the Threatened and Endangered species lists. A lot of individuals and organizations work very hard to give these birds and other critters a chance at survival in an ever changing and diminishing environment.

Recently I found a dead Kaka bird near where I live. The Kaka live in beech forests in the mountains nearby, but it is very rare to find them near the towns or rural areas. I was able to find out through a subsequent autopsy that this was a young Kaka female who had died from malnourishment. Even in her death, she was a great beauty and I mourned her as a lost treasure and companion to her family.

Using inspiration from the Old Masters, I create Still Life Composites to tell the story of these critters and birds living on the scales of time. Using photos from my own travels, I seek to portray a story of life and death through creative symbolism. Will we end up knowing about these treasured birds only through books and/or as portraits on the wall? The is the Call of the Wild NZ.

A collection of photos merged together creating Life on the Edge art
Collection of photos creating Call of the Wild art

A collection of photos and ideas merge together to create the final photo composite art. A Kaka and friends such as the black robin, admiral butterfly, hawk's skull, kowhai flowers and among others, also a hidden dragonfly ponder the balance of living life on the scales of time.

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