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Still Life Series - Life on the Edge

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Are we tipping the balance in favour of extinction or against?

Life on the Edge - photo composite Art
Life on the Edge - Art

The Kea once reigned King and Queen over the Southern Alps. Now they are listed as Endangered in NZ. They face a struggle for survival as climate change and other factors bring creeping changes to their habitat. Famed for their curiosity and intelligence, the Kea is certainly smart enough to remind us to keep searching for the solution.

A collection of photos merged together creating Life on the Edge art
Collection of photos creating Life on the Edge art

A collection of photos and ideas merge together to create the final photo composite art. A kea and friends such as the copper butterfly, admiral butterfly, honeybee and fantail bird ponder the balance of living life on the edge of extinction.

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